January 17, 2016

My Community

My first online Bible Study was in January of last year. I was scrolling through Facebook and Proverbs 31 posted about signups for a book and Bible Study called Keep It Shut, by Karen Ehman. The title alone caught my attention, because sometimes, I do need to Keep It Shut! I would be so much better off to not say anything at all, than to pounce before I ponder. At this same time, my spiritual life was what you might call lacking something. I live 45 minutes away from my church, and they typically have their Women’s Bible Studies on Thursday morning at 9:00 am. I work full time, so therefore it is almost impossible for me to make it to Bible Study. So I battled with myself back and forth, back and forth, I kept asking myself if I really wanted to spend that much money on a book that I would probably never even finish, let alone have time to do Bible Study. The thought would not leave me, every day for about 5 days I kept seeing posts about it, and kept arguing with myself. Then I saw where you could even join a small group on Facebook. That sparked my interest a little bit more. Finally I decided to order the book and sign up for the study. Once I was signed up, I received an email telling me which Facebook group I was assigned to, and to expect a message from the group leader within 5 days of the start date of the study. 

A few days later I did receive that message. The lady who sent the message, Diana Rockwell, was so kind and welcomed me with open arms to the group. She seemed like she truly cared about me, and I didn’t even know her. I was thrilled to have been contacted by someone so caring. I was still having doubts about this whole thing, and I kept thinking I would not be able to keep up with the study, that I would just slack, and probably not get involved or be noticed. (I know now that was the enemy trying to fill me with his lies.) Finally the day came and they study started. I received the first email and video, and I was amazed at the time and effort these women put into these blog posts and videos. They seemed so caring, happy, and joyful to be doing this study. My group leader was so encouraging, and wanted us to jump in on conversations. Before I knew it, I had made so many friends just in this small group. Within just a couple of weeks, I had grown to care deeply about several of these women, and it seemed like I had known them forever, like they were my BFF’s! :) I have remained in each Proverbs 31 study since January, as well as a couple of studies with Tracie Miles. Tracie's 2 books, Your Life Still Counts and Stressed-Less Living, have totally changed my life. Tracie is an amazing author, and so approachable, she genuinely cares. Her actions back up her words, she is an amazing woman of God, that I am just so thankful for. She may never know it, but through her kindness, and a few words of wisdom through an email I received from her, along with a special gift in the mail, she gave me the strength and courage to face my fears of public speaking, or just being able to talk about myself and my past, and to share what God has done in my life. 

I have found true friends in the community that I never could have imagined possible. I have witnessed the Love of Jesus through this online community, and I Thank God for giving me the persistent thoughts and the strength to not listen to the enemy and his lies. 

I love these women like they are my family! I have sent and received gifts and cards with some of them, and the outpouring of love is just unimaginable for someone to comprehend if they have never been involved in these studies. These are real people with real lives and real problems, real hurts, real brokenness. Some of these ladies have experienced the same past as I have, and are healing, and learning how to receive God’s Grace. Some of them have been Christians their whole lives, and some of them are brand new Christians. In this community, it doesn’t matter which side of the tracks you came from, what you have done, or whatever, these ladies just Love Jesus, and want to spread and share that love as much as possible!
As time goes on, I continue to meet women in this on-line community who genuinely want to love and encourage one another. I have grown closer to some of these women than I am to some of my own family members, but in reality, I have never met them face to face. Each one of them have touched me in a different way, and have been beautiful blessings!  God never ceases to amaze me with His goodness! He knows who we need in the exact moment, to inspire, encourage, pray, or whatever it may be. He will use perfect strangers, and fill our hearts with love, compassion and joy!

So I Thank Proverbs 31, Tracie Miles, and my group leader, Diana Rockwell for giving me encouragement, love, guidance, and for truly changing my life! But most of all, I thank my Lord and Savior for His never ending love, mercy, and grace! <3


  1. This is a wonderful post and I'm so very glad you were placed in our group. I love you like a sister and so thankful God has put you in my life.

    1. I am so glad God placed me in our group! But of course He knows exactly who we need to be connected with, so it is no surprise that we have all become so connected. Thank you for your kind words! ❤