January 15, 2016

He Is His Fathers Son

 He is his fathers son! He is my husband, and he is unique, and maybe a little bit quirky, but yet he is so much like his dad! I never realized this until very recently. He keeps me laughing, and really there is never a dull moment with him. As the saying goes, the older he gets, the more he acts like his dad. He is full of life, and it is hard to get a straight answer from him at times. He is his fathers son! I remember when we first started dating and he invited me to dinner with his parents. He for-warned me about his dad. I believe his words were, "my dad might give you a hard time, he can never give a straight answer, and he is full of jokes. So please don't take anything he might say the wrong way." We arrived at the restaurant, introductions were made, and these two elderly people seemed to me like the sweetest, most down to earth people that I could ever meet. And they were! But..... about 10 minutes into waiting on our food to be served, my husbands dad pulled an ink pen out of his pocket along with a dollar bill. He handed me the ink pen and asked me to sign my name on the dollar bill. Weird, right? Well, I took the pen and the dollar bill, went to sign my name, and, bzzzzzzzzzzzz! Electrocuted by the ink pen! Yep, right there in the middle of a packed restaurant, I was receiving electric currents in my fingertips through an ink pen. I think my husband wanted to crawl under the table. But I seriously thought it was hilarious! I can take a joke. (And a nice amount of voltage to the hand.) From that moment on, I knew I liked this man, and of course I adored his beautiful, sweet little wife.

You see, these two people made me feel so welcome right away. They never judged, assumed, or meddled, they just knew how to love and accept. And of course, have a good time. They were Christians, and when I began dating my husband, I admittedly was not. I didn't know how to receive this kind of love, the love of Jesus that was in their hearts! (Thank You Jesus for bringing me to this man and his parents!)

A few years after we got married, my mother in law was stricken with Alzheimer's Disease, and she progressed quickly. A couple of years later, my father in law became incapable of taking care of himself, due to severe diabetes and kidney failure. They were both in the same nursing home, and received great care. Both of my in laws passed away last year, just 6 months apart. I miss them dearly, but we have the blessed assurance of knowing that they are at peace in the arms of Jesus!

So today when my husband gives me one of his quirky, off the wall answers, and I look at him and ask myself, where in the world did that answer come from, I just smile and tell myself, he is his fathers son! And I Thank God for bringing me into this family!


  1. Thank you, that was a wonderful blog, I see me doing a lot of things dad did like helping out his kids, I do that a lot and I hope to show them the love of Christ like he always did, thanks again, I love you

  2. Awwww sounds like a wonderful man. God bless you both

    1. Thank you! Yes, he is pretty awesome! I think I will keep him around! 😆